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There is no room for compromise at
Delhi Mithai Wala.
Why Delhi Mithai Wala

Why Choose Us?

A tradition of inspection!

There is no room for compromise at Delhi Mithai Wala. There never was. And we have a very unique way of ensuring that we maintain the same authentic taste and freshness of ingredients that our founder Mr Goverdhan Kachwaha started with.

Even after being over 70 years of age Mr Kachwaha himself visits our every kitchen in the morning. He handpicks the ingredients from our stakeholders and rejects any item that doesn’t live up to our quality standards. He does this every single day. Without fail!

Moreover, our kitchens have a clear protocol which includes cleaning all utensils and countertops at least thrice a day. This is done to ensure hygiene and avoid insects and houseflies that are easily attracted to sweets and oils.

Our mixing and grinding machinery is no expectation. These are thoroughly cleansed too while ensuring that no chemical residue is left behind. Our packing material, plastic and foil are sourced from certified vendors that provide food-grade and highly safe products.